Friends of the Sound of Jura


We seek to protect the Sound, the River Add and their local users from the threat to the area’s wildlife and local economy.


We seek your help opposing a fish farm development in a National Scenic Area on the West Coast of Scotland near Crinan.

It threatens algal blooms, toxic chemicals, vast quantities fish waste and precious few jobs in what is also a Marine Protected Area.

Environmentally it threatens the lobsters, prawns and smaller creatures with a marine version of sheep dip, and the salmon, sea trout and skate with dead zones where the farm waste will fall.  Migrating fish will also suffer lethal concentrations of lice as they swim along the coast past the cages.

Economically, besides the fishermen and sailors it’ll obstruct, it is part of the cumulative nibbling away at the beauty that attracts tourists to rural Scotland and supports many small businesses.

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You can sign the on-line petition to oppose this fish farm here: